Our vision

To be global,innovative and competitive Renewable Energy Enterprise providing total solutions to customers of renewable energy product and services.

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Our Mission

To be a leading renewable energy enterprise,providing superior quality product and services at competitive prices.

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Why Solar?

Going solar will definitely reduce your electricity bills and you will save a lot of money. Whether you’re a homeowner, business, or any other organisation, high utility bills is always an issue. With a clean and reusable source of energy - sun you can save a lot. A best quality solar system has a life of 25 years or more, which means after the initial 3-5 years, all the power generated from the modules for 20-22 years is free, except for minimum maintenance costs.


Having a solar panel system is surely a low-maintenance addition. They are designed using electronic and static devices. We design a system in such a way that you will gain most out of it. Our robust design will make the panels last for 25 years with only cleaning and washing applications.


We are using the most cleanly, pure and reusable form of energy – ‘The Sun’, which is almost free of cost also. The solar panels we offer are designed to endure the Indian conditions without weakening. Whether this is the summer time or the harsh winters, your solar energy system will work out in every situation. With minimum efforts, this energy can be accessed, and that too from most parts of the world throughout the year.