About Us


The Birth of SUNBLESS SOLAR AND ELECTRICAL SERVICES was founded in may 2018.We are working more than 2 years in renewable field and more than 3 years in electrical field. We are also work in electrical wiring of house, apartment, commercial building.
Due to current dilemma of power source generation all over the world and encouraging to GO GREEN (depending on renewable energy sources) plus the advantage of being one of the best countries all over in the world in the sun light intensity all over the year . Indian government really started encourage and direct investment in this sector which is an effective solution to the shortage in power sources in India.

We believe this is key to any successful relationship. It is important to SUNBLESS SOLAR AND ELECTRICAL SERVICE that our clients and term members have strong foundation of trust in each other

we believe this is the cornerstone of good business. We are committed to honesty and high morals in all dealings, both internally and externally