Our Services


Confidence start with the top expertise– when you invest in our residential solar plant, you can be rest assured that you will surely get good output for your investment. We have the most efficient and reliable solar panel installation service with better pricing. We understand what a house owner needs and thus cater our services accordingly.


We very well understand that educational institutions and hospitals have different requirements and our planning and solutions are catered in different way. We will visit you to discuss your energy consumption needs and then act smartly. Give us a call now for more details and information.


We are keen to help small and medium scale industries to minimize up-front project costs while providing better performance and consistency. With our ground breaking technology solar solutions you can become autonomous in power usage.

What We Do?

Provide unique Solutions And Techniques to ensure the successful delivery of Renewable and sustainable energy projects promptly. Installation of photovoltaic power plant in various application such as Residential,Industrial, Commercial and Agriculture.


• Turnkey work for design, installation, commissioning and maintenance for solar power plants as per client requirement. Detailed requirement as per discussions with client.
• Discussion on technology selection for solar modules and inverters and other major components if required.
• Site assessment and determination of plant capacity to be installed.
• Application of the solar power plant to appropriate government agency. Collection of required documents from the client.
• Project work flow reporting and client coordination.
• Vendor finalization of all equipment and component associated with the scope of work
• Coordination with State DISCOMs for connectivity agreements as per the scope of work.
• Coordination with relevant government agencies for commissioning of the plant.
• Handing over the plant and training to client’s personnel for plant functioning.
• Detailed Project report with all required documentation.

Benefits of Sunbless Solar And Electrical ServicesSolar EPC Services:

• One single point of contact for all matters related to the solar project
• Project Owner’s time investment in the project is minimum.
• Projects executed at par with industry standards and government norms.
• Fixed project costs as per work order.
• Owner can have a Bird’s eye view of project activities, without getting actually involved.
• Training of Owner’s personnel after project completion and option for Annual Maintenance Contracts.
• Assistance in warranty claims if situation arises.
• Quality assurance in equipment used with 1-year workmanship guarantee on the installation.


We can also provide a one-year Operation and Maintenance Service after the commissioning date of the plant. If the client wishes to continue our services, he may renew it on yearly basis as an Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC). Operation & Maintenance (O&M) Services:
• Maintenance checks of Inverters, Solar modules and Solar Plant Wiring on Monthly and Annual basis as required.
• Cleaning of Solar Modules as required.
• Coordination with equipment vendors and manufacturers in case of any replacement or service required.
• Resolution of faults and issues related to the plant.